Why Tangerine is the Most Awesome Bank Account in Canada

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The most awesome deal in Canada right now, is the deal you get when you sign up for an awesome bank account at Tangerine.

Everyone has a bank account.

But not everyone thinks that they should be getting an awesome deal on their bank account.

This is confusing to me.


bad choice good choice

You have the option to not pay fees, yet you choose to pay fees?

Maybe the people that pay fees, just don’t know that they don’t have to.

With Tangerine, you pay no monthly account fees, and have unlimited debit transactions and withdrawals.

You even get interest on your chequing account – a tiny amount but it’s better than nothing.

Check out this article I wrote for a great contrast between Tangerine and RBC.


get paid cheque

You need this thing called an orange key.  Mine is:


If you open an account with an orange key you get $25-50, depending on whether there’s a promotion on.

$25 for doing something that is already a smart move.

So let’s review:

  1.  Pay no fees
  2. Get paid to switch

Well that was a quick, but very informative review.

You know what to do.

Here’s that orange key again:


P.S.  You might be thinking: “You’re only giving me your orange key so that you get a referral bonus too.” You’re only partially right.  Of course I want a referral bonus, that would be strange if I said that I didn’t.  Who doesn’t want free money?  But I’m not telling you about Tangerine to get a bonus.  I’m telling you about Tangerine because you are spending too much money on fees.  I want you to stop doing that.  If you wise up and switch to Tangerine, then you need an orange key to get your bonus.  I see no reason why it shouldn’t be my orange key that you use, but honestly, if you care that much about me getting a bonus, please use no orange key or someone else’s.  Just stop paying unnecessary bank fees already, it’s driving me nuts.