If You Have a Website, You Need AppSumo

The Awesomeness of AppSumo

AppSumo: The Store For Entrepreneurs

Where do I even begin to describe the awesomeness of AppSumo?

Scenario:  You just started a blog and you are looking for great photos to use in your blog.

You eventually want the blog to be popular and get attention so you are careful only use stock photos or other photos that you are legally allowed to publish.

You check out some of the free stock photos on Google or other places on the web and you realize…

…they are all crap.

And why wouldn’t they be, right?  There is a huge market on the web for quality stock photos and you thought you could get good ones for free?

So you go to depositphotos.com(one of the best stock photo libraries out there) and check out their plans and prices.

US$29/month for 30 images?  Not bad but maybe a bit too pricey if you’re just starting out.

So you browse the web for other options and you stumble on to this site called AppSumo and it has this deal(now sold out, sorry!):

Works out to only US$0.39 per image, which is much more manageable than US$1!

This is what I’m talking about with AppSumo.  Great deals and all you have to do is sign up for free to get them.

And this kind of discounted deal isn’t even the best kind…


I can’t even count how many lifetime subscriptions I’ve purchased through AppSumo.


Because they are all too good to pass up.

Example: Lifetime Access to Book Like A Bossbig boss” plan for US$39


What is Book Like a Boss?  Yeah, I didn’t know either.  That’s another great thing about AppSumo is that it introduces you to products you might not have even known about.

Book Like a Boss is your personal booking page.  Create your own page with everything you need to sell your services, take appointments, & get paid!

I’ve been thinking about using other plugins or booking sites like Calendly, but I picked Book Like a Boss because it’s an amazing deal for a more comprehensive booking and “getting paid” platform that is really slick and put-together.

Plus, they are committed to amazing growth in the near future – check out this list of what’s coming in the next year:

That’s pretty extensive.  The last thing you want to do is buy a lifetime subscription to something and then they just give up on you.

Book Like a Boss “big boss” plan usually costs US$25/month!! (That’s US$300/year!!)


Are you seeing how AppSumo is awesome now?

Maybe Book Like a Boss is not your style, but if you have a website at all, they will eventually post a deal that will make you love them forever.

So stop paying full price for web things and check AppSumo first.

AppSumo: The Store For Entrepreneurs

Note:  This post contains affiliate links, but I’ve written it because I think AppSumo is awesome, not just to get you to click on things.  If it bothers you to click on affiliate links, then please don’t click on them.  I’m not here to bother you.  That would bother me and no one likes to be bothered.  The most important thing to me is that you know that AppSumo is awesome.  Now, if you appreciate that I’ve let you know about the awesomeness of AppSumo, then please show your appreciation by clicking on the links. I did spend time writing this and posting it for you so I might as well get paid by AppSumo for sending you their way, right?  Thanks!