How SiteGround Saved Me From My WordPress Hosting Nightmare

DISCLAIMER:  This post is full of SiteGround affiliate links.  Like tons of them. There are at least 3 in this disclaimer alone.  But here’s the thing:  I am a SiteGround fan and a SiteGround customer.  Everything in this post is true and I am 100% sure that you will have a better hosting experience if you switch to Siteground.  If you click on my links, we both win.

SiteGround is the best for WordPress hosting

I know this because I have experienced the worst.  SiteGround is like the sun, and my old host is like a pile of garbage.

Siteground review - old host garbage

I hate my old host so much that I can’t possibly give them any free publicity but I do want you to be able to figure out who they are so I have decided to disguise their company name whenever I mention them in this post.  Hopefully you can see through my disguise and avoid this company for hosting.

Here’s how it went down with my old web host “JoYaddy”:

I had their most expensive shared hosting plan.  The most upgraded resources without getting my own VPS, which I didn’t need, because honestly I didn’t have that much traffic!


But it was never enough.

I somehow constantly maxed out on resources.

“RoNaddy” was years behind with their PHP version. Everyone else was at 7.0 (at least) and they were stuck in the dark ages at 5.X.

Plugins didn’t work.

The server would timeout all the time.

I should have left after a year.

But I was scared.

Siteground Review - Technology Is Scary

I’m not a tech guy.  I know a little bit about HTML, CSS and PHP, but just enough to change a few things.

I didn’t know how to move a WordPress site.

What if something went wrong?

It was just safer to stay with “YoLaddy”, right?

But one day I just decided I couldn’t take it anymore.  I wanted to run all the plugins. I wanted my site to run at a normal speed and get regular traffic with no down time!

I wanted a website that just worked.

So I bit the bullet and decided to switch.

I read about how to transfer a WordPress site properly, and got ready with backups and tutorials.

I heard great things about Siteground for WordPress hosting.



So I contacted them and guess what happened?

They migrated everything for me.

I had a lot of WordPress databases and files.

They just said:

“No worries, you seem nervous.  Just give us a login and we’ll do it.”

And it was so easy.  Everything was exactly the same when the DNS switched over.

But it was faster.  And plugins worked.

Then I found out they have FREE SSL for all sites.  I was like what?  I’m paying $99 or something from “VoSaddy” for something that is FREE?!?!

And now that I’ve been with SiteGround for a while I can tell you there truly is no down time.

Great service when I need it, which is hardly ever – really only when I’m trying to figure out how to do something new.  Not because something went wrong or things don’t work.

Newest PHP version, backups, security and more features that I don’t even understand.

But forget all of that.

It just works.

That’s all I ever wanted.

Why was it so hard to get this from “ToBaddy”?

And SiteGround is so cheap to start. Like $3.95 USD/month if you are just starting and have one website.  That’s nothing.

Seriously, I wasted so much time with “WoKaddy” and I wish I would have known that I could just go somewhere new and it would work.

Building a website is tough enough without having to worry about whether your WordPress host can handle what you’re creating.

So if you’re having any hosting issues just stop right now and go to Siteground and check out the options.

Siteground review - duck off

In conclusion, say “Duck Off!” to “ZoRaddy” or whoever your crap bag host is and switch to Siteground – NOW!